GMAT Sentence Correction: The “Blank of Blank” Rule

Adam M.

When teaching GMAT Sentence Correction, there are many rules that I’ve told my students to keep in mind. One rule — the “blank of blank rule” — is highly effective when dealing with complex sentence correction questions. How does the rule work? In general, when we make certain grammatical decisions (such as Subject-Verb agreement, Comparisons, etc.) we should ignore the word(s) after the ‘of’ and focus on the noun in front of the ‘of’.

Adam M.Kaplan Expert


 There is a wealth of good reasons to invest your money wisely. 

According to Bob Dylan, there are times of change ahead.

When the leader of the Spartans fights, all are impressed.

The follies of youth return with the vagaries of old age.

The House of Representatives confirms the President’s nominees because it is constitutionally empowered to do so.

When the moons of Jupiter are in the Seventh House, they portend good things to come.

Because students are organizing a protest against the cafeteria food, the cancellation of today’s classes is inevitable.

Because gorillas are now so few in number, the preservation of the world’s primates has emerged as a leading concern among conservationists.


NOTE:  There is an exception to this rule.  It occurs when there is a “that” phrase that immediately follows the “of” phrasing.





  • Ben

    This is great insight…but one factual error — the Senate is Constitutionally empowered to confirm the President’s nominees…not the House of Representatives…