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What’s a Good ACT Score?

Not sure what a good ACT® score is? What's a bad ACT score?…
January 26, 2016/by Laura Aitcheson

What’s a Good SAT® Score?

[NOTE: This post is for the SAT administered before March…
January 24, 2016/by Laura Aitcheson

5 Tips to Improve your TOEFL score

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a standardized…
July 7, 2015/by Ethan Sterling
TOEFL iBT Test of English Foreign Language

What’s tested on the TOEFL iBT?

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized…
July 7, 2015/by Ethan Sterling

Exponents on the GMAT

Exponents is a fancy way of referring to what power a number…
June 19, 2015/by amandachen

3 Tips for Confusing Function Questions on the GMAT

1. Look for the new definition. In symbol functions, the test…
June 14, 2015/by viviankerr
LSAT Score Prediction Quiz Predictor Score

LSAT Score Predictor: What is your LSAT Score?

Find out your LSAT score in under 15 minutes with a quick 12-question…
June 7, 2015/by Ethan Sterling
GMAT Sentence Correction Questions Strategy

GMAT Sentence Correction Practice: Subject/Verb Agreement

Doing well on GMAT Sentence Correction questions begins with…
June 4, 2015/by Ethan Sterling
DAT Study Plan 1 Month 30 Days

How to Study for the DAT in a Month

The average pre-dental student may spend over 200 hours preparing…
May 28, 2015/by Tim Eich
DAT Dental School Perceptual Ability Angle Ranking

DAT PAT Angle Ranking Strategy: Elimination

For each Angle Ranking question in the PAT section of the DAT,…
May 18, 2015/by Tim Eich
DAT Cube Counting Perceptual Ability Dental

DAT PAT Cube Counting Strategy: Tallying

In this Cube Counting section of the PAT on the DAT, you will…
May 18, 2015/by Tim Eich

DAT PAT Keyhole Strategy: Projections

For each Keyhole question in the PAT of the DAT, you are presented…
May 18, 2015/by Tim Eich
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