How to Impress College Admissions Officers

Need an edge over the competition?  Knowing the top factors in college admissions as well as essay essentials, recommendation letter tips, and interview approaches can land you that acceptance letter!

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The Top 4 College Admissions Factors

  1. Grades in college prep courses: AP, IB, and dual-enrollment classes
  2. Strength of curriculum: Amount and difficulty-level of coursework
  3. SAT and/or ACT score
  4. GPA

Your Essay

Why It Matters

80% of colleges use the essay to make their final admissions decisions!  Great essays:

Demonstrate your ability to think/write at the college level
Share your passion, interests, and personality
Impress the admissions officer

Essay Basics

You can write an impressive essay by following these steps:

*  Brainstorm
*  Highlight your top 1-3 stories and experiences
*  Choose a theme or hook that captures the reader’s attention
*  Write a rough draft
*  Review and revise
* Ask for help with your final draft (teachers and friends are great resources)

Your College Interview


Grockit ACT SAT AP Interview

  • Before Your Interview

    Research the school
    Have 4-5 questions ready for your interviewer
    Plan to discuss important topics that aren’t already in your application
    Dress professionally

  • During Your Interview

    Stay calm
    Answer questions honestly and thoroughly
    Convey your excitement about the school

  • After Your Interview

    Send the interviewer a thank you email immediately after the meeting
    Mail a thank you card within a few days of the interview


Letters of Recommendation

To ensure the best recommendation letter(s) possible:

Ask in advance
Talk to your recommender about what’s important
Provide a brief summary of your activities/goals
Follow up 1 week prior to the deadline
Say thank you!


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    grades and personality of the person can impress others.

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