IIM-CAT: 3 Steps for Fact-Inference-Judgment Questions

Fact-Inference-Judgment questions are sequentially ordered statements built around a single topic. Remember that each question may or may not contain one sentence of each type. It’s not uncommon to have a question without any inferences, or without any judgments, so don’t panic if you feel you are “missing” a type! These steps will help you practice your CAT strategy.

1. Start with the Facts. Facts are the easiest of the three types of statements to identify, so it’s best to start there. Ask yourself two questions: is this a statistic? Can this statement be verified? If the answer to either one is “yes” then you have a fact!  Statements that provide cited statistics are almost always considered facts.

Test your skills on this IIM-CAT Fact-Inference-Judgment question!

2. Use your knowledge of the Facts to eliminate. You can likely remove 2-3 answer choices simply because they will list the facts as something else.

3. If you have more than 1 choice left, identify the Judgments. After the facts, the judgments are the easiest to identify. Judgments will have a directly stated opinion on persons, objects, or situations. The author will show approval or disapproval, and there will be a positive or negative indication. This kind of statement is NOT verifiable as data. Sometimes judgments can be subtle, and may hinge on 1 or 2 words. Ask yourself: does this statement contain a personal point of view?

You may occasionally need to evaluate the Inferences independently, especially if you are not 100% of a certain Fact or Judgment, but generally it is easier to avoid starting with these altogether. Inferences contain qualifying language such as “would”, “could”, or “might.” Look for those keywords if you come across any confusing Facts or Judgments!

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