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Track Your Skill Data

Analyze and track your performance based on content area, difficulty, and time spent on each question.

Target Your Weaknesses

Grockit continually learns as you learn, and targets you with the material you need to work on most.

Study with Friends

Collaborate and compete with peers or learn from expert instructors.

Shorter Study Time

The Grockit "brain" quickly assesses your skills to select the practice questions that have the highest chance of improving your score. Don't waste time on what you already know, and don't waste time on topics that are too difficult to master in time for the exam.

Learning Science

Grockit uses Learning Science to offer adaptive, customized and social training modes that optimize your study time. With targeted practice and skill tracking, you'll know where to focus.

Book & Tutor Aid

Whether you're studying with a tutor, a book or just on your own, Grockit provides the right practice modes. You can set aside several hours or just 10-15 minutes at a time and get a quick, but effective "workout."



1600+ Practice Questions for the Grockit Books: Book + Online (Grockit Test Prep)

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