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5 Test-Taking Tips for IIM-CAT Identifying Sentence Errors

On the IIM-CAT, the Identifying Sentence Errors questions will provide one sentence with 4 underlined parts. Either one of the parts contains an error, or the sentence is error-free. Here's a process to keep your grammar skills focused on these questions!

1.     Try to determine if there is an error first. If the sentence sounds correct to you, put a star (*) on your scratch paper, and check each underlined portion anyway. Don't assume that there is no error simply because you didn't spot one on your first read. Go through each answer choice carefully, looking for a better option. If A, B, C, and D each have no error, then the correct answer is (E). Choice (E) will always be no error.

2.     Ask yourself: what about the underlined portion sounds funny? What is it about the sentence that sounds like an error? Is there an incorrect idiom, a misplaced modifier, a pronoun with no clear antecedent? Write down any part that sounds odd to you and make a prediction for how you would fix it.

Assess your IIM-CAT Identifying Sentence Errors ability with this Grockit practice question!

3.     At a loss? Check for VPIMPS! The "VPIMPS" is an acronym for some of the most-commonly tested English grammatical errors. If you are really struggling with a difficult sentence and have more than 1 underlined portion that "sounds funny" to you, see if you can tie that funny feeling to a specific grammatical error. "VPIMPS" stands for:

Verbs - check the verb tense for logic and that it agrees with the subject

Parallelism - is there a list in the sentence or a series of clauses?

Idioms - two-part idioms and prepositional idioms are very commonly tested

Modification - is an adjective being used instead of an adverb?

Pronouns - they must have a clear antecedent and agree with their nouns

Sentence structure - run-ons and fragments; is there too much info in the sentence, or not enough?

Practice your step-by-step process until it becomes second nature. Don't rush through the Identifying Sentence Errors without checking EACH underlined portion!