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What is Grockit?

Grockit is the world's fastest growing online test prep service for students seeking to get their best potential score on the GMAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, and other tests required for college admissions.

Grockit is an adaptive, personalized learning program distinguished by its unique social learning features that are proven to help people learn quickly and answer more questions correctly.

Why do People Use Grockit?

  • Study online any time of the day, from anywhere you have Internet access. Grockit is convenient — no boring classrooms and lectures.
  • Grockit predicts your score based on your answers and tracks your performances and improvements, projecting accurate score improvements.
  • Personalized and Independent Study is important. So is tutoring. Grockit study plans provide practice tests, personalized insight into your weak subject areas, review of your work, and the right tutor to help you.
  • Grockit.TV features award-winning teachers demonstrating problem solving techniques that can be applied to your study plan. There are hundreds of hours of Grockit.TV content — tune in, and get addicted!

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