About the Grockit Learning Platform & Grockit Private Network Services

Grockit is an educational technology company that develops and licenses a social learning and adaptive learning platform. Grockit is a low-cost, content-agnostic framework, perfect for teaching virtually any subject matter online.

Students love Grockit because it is social, engaging and incorporates current technologies such as group chat, screen-sharing and video. And, research has proven that Grockit's social learning mode helps students answer more questions and study longer.

For our partners, Grockit transforms existing academic content into a feature-rich, private social network for learners and teachers. Through Grockit, any publisher or school can make learning dynamic, engaging and scalable online.

K-12 Schools

Grockit works with K-12 schools in delivering core-subject curriculum to classic learning classroom models as well as 'flipped classroom' learning models. Additionally, schools and affiliated organizations deploy Grockit Academy as a supplemental learning tool for students in grades 7-12.

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Higher Education

Major Colleges and Universities like Georgetown University have deployed standard Grockit test prep services to students and alumni through private networks.  Institutions of Higher Ed can integrate any coursework into Grockit's platform for content administration, online study and class participation enhancements.

Additionally, Grockit works with some of the world's largest online universities to deliver student evaluation and placement experiences, and remedial student learning.

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Companies deploy existing Grockit test prep products and services to their employees as a part of career development efforts. Additionally, companies license Grockit to deliver industry-specific occupational curriculum and tests.

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Virtual Schools

Filler Content Virtual.

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Learning Content Publishers

Publishers use the Grockit platform as a learning framework from which to deliver rich media and social learning experiences directly to learners. New and existing content can be combined and re-crafted for a rich learning experience that promotes mastery through solo practice, group study, diagnostics and multimedia content review.

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Research at Grockit

While we'd like to believe that everything that we've built at Grockit is the first of its kind, the methodologies and technologies of the Grockit learning platform rest on a large body of existing research developed over several decades. Please visit our research page for an overview of ways in which we draw on, participate in, and contribute back to these research communities or contact research@grockit.com.

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