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What Does Your SAT Score Mean? The Top 10 Things You Need to Know

When it comes to undergrad college admissions, students are often confused by their SAT score reports and have difficulty telling a good SAT score from a bad SAT score, whether they qualify for college scholarships or have scores that are good enough for their dream college's admissions requirements. Here's the basic info you'll need to interpret your score:

  1. The SAT is not simply scored by adding the total questions correct. Instead, a "raw score" is calculated which is then put into a "scoring formula" to achieve a final "scaled score."
  1. The total scaled score on the SAT range from 600 through 2400. You get 200 points in each section just for sitting the test!
  1. The SAT percentiles vary from year to year. The percentiles are not grades like in school, but have to do with the comparison of groups of students from year-to-year. You can find the latest data on College Board's site.
  1. The SAT is different from the ACT. If you've taken the ACT, you'll remember your score is between 1 and 36. The SAT is out of a total of 2400, so don't worry about comparing the two tests.
  1. There is -1/4 for each wrong answer. That means you should make sure to answer every single question as long as you can eliminate at least one answer choice.
  1. You get no points off for an omitted question! If you really cannot eliminate, leave a question blank. Too many omitted questions, however, will hurt your score by not allowing you to earn as many points as you need to get into the higher percentiles.
  1. You will also receive an individual scaled score for each section. Your individual scaled scores are available for Math, Writing, and Reading separately as well, out of 800.
  1. The Writing score includes the essay. And the essay is worth 25% of your Writing score! Make sure to practice it before test day - you can find sample prompts on College Board's website.
  1. If you want a paper score, make sure to request it! According to College Board's website, students who register to take the SAT online and wish to receive a paper score report in the mail in addition to the online score report must request it when they register.
  1. The first 4 score reports are free! When you sign up for the SAT, you can choose colleges to receive your scores automatically. Unless you have a deadline quickly approaching, you may want to wait until you receive your score and  then send it to the schools yourself.