Early in Grockit's life, we got together as a team over several weeks and wrote down what defined us as a team. Why? Well, we wanted to provide a baseline for measurement -- we all knew that Grockit was an amazing place, but we had trouble defining how amazing it was.

We talked about what inspired us in others and what type of lives we wanted to lead, and how we wanted to treat our colleagues and our customers. By the time we were done, we were humbled by what we had collectively said -- and we distilled it down to the core elements below. These values are what we measure ourselves against when we hire new team members, when we evaluate new ideas, and when we judge our own performance.

We are proud to share with you this list of Grockit Values. If you are a passionate Grockit fan, I invite you to tell us how we are doing on these!

Learner First

Our goal is to make the act of learning an engaging social activity. Everything we do will be focused on disrupting ineffective education systems and improving the process of learning new things.


We created a new word to describe our passion for working together well. All of us are smarter than any of us. We value transparency, openness, and selflessness.

Quiet Heroism

Everyone at Grockit acts like a founder of the company, but we do it in an unassuming way. We value results over bragging rights.


We act fearlessly. We strive to fail by going too fast rather than miss opportunities by going too slowly.

Shipped Artistry

Our product is beautiful externally, but never good enough for us. We do whatever is required to accomplish the mission.

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